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A single Liometopum Queen with brood or workers.



Liometopum luctuosum

SKU: 0001
  • Liometopum luctuosum colonies can reach sizes of up to 80,000 workers in the wild but in captivity can get to over 100,000 workers. Queens can reach 10-12mm, and the workers are 2-4mm. This species is Polymorphic which means they get a larger caste of workers from 6-7mm. Liometopum luctuosum like to nest in forested areas in highly acidic soil, and can even be found nesting in large trees. This species is also one of the fastest growing ant species in the world and can easily reach 1,000 workers in one year. This species requires a constant access to sugar. This species accepts a large range of protein and are not picky as long as you switch up the food.

  • Full refund if buyer recieves dead/broken product.

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